"Best Kids' App Pick" - Parenting Magazine (April 2012)

Barnyard Bluegrass is a music app like no other. Children and adults can learn about bluegrass and play bluegrass instruments as well as hear fabulous original recordings of children's songs as well as bluegrass standards – all performed by the Barnyard Bluegrass Players, featuring New York City’s own Astrograss.


Click above to watch a demo video!

The app contains four main areas:

The Barnyard: An animated barnyard scene where you can listen to seven different full-length songs all played in bluegrass style, of course. Songs include: Old MacDonald, Hole in a Bucket, Pig in a Pen, Cluck Old Hen and more!

The Porch (pictured above): This is where our band of mischievous musicians jam once the sun goes down. Simply tap from one animal to the other and they will play call and response licks in their own instrument. You won’t believe how easy it is to make your own jams come to life.

The Hayloft: Here you can pick from any of the instruments and then play freely. Tap on the rungs of the ladder to play in a major scale or on the bales of hay to play in a minor scale. The notes will even appear in the hayloft door.

 The Toolshed: This is where we keep our instruments. Poke around to hear or read descriptions of the instruments as well as samples of how they sound.

Coming soon to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.